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1.Exceptional dv/dt capability
2.100% avalanche tested
3.High Quality

IRZ P75NF75Detail Produk
MOSFET Description

Transistor Polarity:N
Current Id Max:80A
Drain Source Voltage Vds:75V
On State Resistance:0.011ohm
Rds(on) Test Voltage Vgs:10V
Voltage Vgs Max:3V
Power Dissipation:300W
Transistor Case Style:TO-220
No. of Pins:3
Alternate Case Style:SOT-78B
Continuous Drain Current Id:80A
Junction Temperature Tj Max:175°C
Junction Temperature Tj Min:-55°C
N-channel Gate Charge:117nC
On State resistance @ Vgs = 10V:0.011ohm
Package / Case:TO-220
Power Dissipation Pd:300W
Pulse Current Idm:320A
Rate of Voltage Change dv / dt:12V/µs
Termination Type:Through Hole
Threshold Voltage Vgs Typ:3V
Transistor Type:MOSFET
Voltage Vds:75V
Voltage Vds Typ:75V
Voltage Vgs Rds N Channel:10V
Voltage Vgs Rds on Measurement:10V
Voltage Vgs th Min:2V

Harga: Rp.30.000

IC MC 145151P2

MC145151P2 - Parallel Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer

• Phase Locked Loop Synthesizer
• Low Power Consumption
• Wide Supply Range
• On or Off Chip Reference Oscillator Operation
• Lock Detect Signal

Harga: Rp.100.000

IC MN 6147B

Harga: Call

IC MC 145170D1

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3 SK 76 (habis)

3 SK 76
fet recive 9130
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