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HF/VHF/220 MHZ,470-940KHZ,1-230 MHZ

MFJ 259CM 470 KHz - 230 MHz SWR Analyzers are compact, battery-powered RF impedance analyzers. In anticipation of the pending 600 meter US Amateur Radio allocation, and to include coverage of existing marine MW, the MFJ 259CM's lowest band covers from 470 to 940 kHz.

MFJ 259CMs combine four basic circuits; a 0.47-230 MHz variable frequency oscillator, a frequency counter, a 50 ohm RF-bridge, and an 8-bit micro-controller. These analyzers make a wide variety of useful antenna or impedance measurements, including coaxial cable loss and distance to an open or short. Although primarily designed for analyzing 50 ohm antenna and transmission line systems, MFJ 259CM HF/VHF SWR analyzers also measure RF impedances between a few ohms and several hundred ohms.

They also function as a signal source and frequency counter! Their frequency range of impedance measurement is 0.47 to 230 MHz in several overlapping bands. The accuracy of the analyzers is enhanced by the use of special microwave zero-bias Schottky detectors with matching compensating diodes. They are compensated to provide the best possible linearity with both high and low impedance loads, making the A/D converter's 0.5 percent resolution the primary limitation.

Unlike MFJ's 259B Antenna Analyzers, these new "CM" versions have two frequency-range knobs to allow wider control. The new lower-frequency coverage allows analysis of 160 and 600 meter antennas as well as Medium Wave (AM broadcast) and MW marine (medium wave) frequencies. The inclusion of 220 MHz band coverage is also a very worthwhile addition!
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MFJ 259CMs may be used to test:

*Antennas: SWR, impedance, reactance, resistance, resonant frequency, and bandwidth
* Antenna tuners: SWR, bandwidth, frequency
* Amplifiers: input and output matching networks, chokes, suppressors, traps, and components
* Coaxial transmission lines: SWR, length, velocity factor, approximate Q and loss, resonant frequency, and impedance
* Filters: SWR, attenuation, and frequency range
* Matching or tuning stubs: SWR, approximate Q, resonant frequency, bandwidth, impedance
* Traps: Resonant frequency and approximate Q
* Tunes circuits: Resonant frequency and approximate Q
* Small capacitors: Value and self-resonant frequency
MFJ-259CMs are complete Ham Radio test stations with frequency counter, RF signal generator, SWR/Resistance/Reactance/Coax Analyzer, Capacitance/Inductance Meter and much more. Get one of your own MFJ 259CM 470 KHz - 230 MHz SWR Analyzers from DX Engineering and be CERTAIN of your antenna system's performance… even on 600 meters

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