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Portable Radio Two-way Relay Cross Band Full Duplex Repeater Control Box

Portable Radio Two-way Relay Cross Band Full Duplex Repeater Control Box
System Description :
» Support one-way or two-way, UU turn, VV turn, UV turn.


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Switches Between Base Station and Repeater

32 Channels
50 Watts or 100 Watts
VHF: 134 – 160 MHz; 148 – 174 MHz
UHF: 400 – 430 MHz; 450 – 480 MHz
6 Dual-Function Programmable Keys
FCC Narrowbanding Compliant
Rear Inputs for Power Supply Backup with Alert (does not come with a power supply)
3"+ Thermostatically Controlled Cooling Fan
Simplex Mode or Full-Duplex Mode (with optional VXD-60 Duplexer)
6 Dual-Function Programmable Keys
47 CTCSS / 108 DCS Codes Encode and Decode
CW ID Transmitter
CW Message
Multi-Tone Decode
Compander Per Channel
D-Sub 25 Pin Accessory Connector
Automatic DC Backup Switching Alert
EIA Rack Mount Size
Does NOT Include Power Supply. Power Supply is Optional.
Dimensions 19" (w) x 3.5" (h) x 13.5" (d), 21.4 lbs.
High Power Output For Exceptional Reach and Performance

The VXR-9000 delivers the reliable performance and extended range needed. The slim-line design is crafted for easy installation and integration into most repeater sites. The VXR-9000 can perform in repeater or base station mode, depending on the application.
Berat : 12 kg

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Radio-Tone Simplex Repeater Controller for Yaesu Mobile

The RT-SRC1 is a state-of-the-art simplex repeater controller. It is employed advanced digital voice recording and processing technology to record the received signal (up to 30 seconds), and retransmit it on a same frequency channel. It is an easy of operation, cost effective and highly flexible platform for extending communication range by converting conventional two-way radio into a simplex repeater system.
DTMF remote repeater ON/OFF control function with password protection is available in the RT-SRC1. User can control the repeater ON or OFF remotely by DTMF command.

Radio not include
The key features of RT-SRC1 :
Up to 30 seconds record capacity
Works with most popular FRS, PMR, Amateur radios
Allows user to change the DTMF remote control password?
Operates on both build-in battery and external DC 12V power supply
DTMF remote control repeater function ON and OFF with password protection?
Build-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery support 36 hours long life operation
Cable for following radio :
suit for:
Yaesu Mobile radio : FT-7800, FT-7900, FT-8800, FT-8900, FT-1802, FT-1807, FT-2800, FT-2900, FT-1900


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50W 6 Cavity Duplexer Radio Repeater N connector

- 50W RF power Handling
- 6 cavity Design
- Minimum Tx and Rx frequency difference: VHF 3.5Mhz, UHF 5Mhz
- Maximum Tx and Rx frequency difference: VHF 15Mhz, UHF 20Mhz
- Power Isolation >75dB
- Power loss <1dB
- Easy to build your repeater
- Support UHF 380~485
- Free Frequency Tuning - send me the high / low frequency
- N connector
- Fit for Motorola Repeater Enclosurer
- 2.0Kg
- 15.5cm x 22cm x 3cm

Harga: Rp.3.000.000

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