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Throat Vibrate PTT Headset mic Motorola GP68-88-308

Throat Vibrate PTT Headset mic Motorola
-Length of wires: 145 cm / 4.5 ft from plug to PTT switch
-105 cm / 3.5 ft from plug to microphone
-Transparent tube extendable to 30 cm.
-1 ft from the microphone
-Weight: 48 g.
Motorola: CLS-1110, CLS-1410, CLS-1413(Canada), CP-100, CP88, CP100, CP150, CP200, CT-150, CT-250, CT-450, CT-450LS, GP2000, GP2100, GP300, GP 308, GP68, GP88, GP88S, PRO1150, PRO2150, PRO3150 P040, P080, P100, P110, P1225, GTI, GTX, LTS2000, VL50, VL130, PMR446, ECP100

Feidaxin / FDC: FD-150A, FD-160A, FD-450A, FD-460A


Harga: Rp.160.000