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Frekuensi 136-174 MHz
Memory Channel 99
Channel Spacing 12.5/25 kHz switchable
Dimensi 335 g (with Lilon battery)
Berat 55 x 120 x 35.5 mm (WxHxD) (with Lilon battery)

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How can you keep employees connected while monitoring supply needs on a manufacturing line?

MOTOTRBO XiR P6620 Series radios can help by putting the power of digital communications within reach.

Equip your team with the world’s most scalable digital radio solution. The XiR P6620 offers best-in-class audio in a scalable solution to your demanding communication needs. Intelligent Audio and voice announcement features enable easy communication in difficult work environments. A crystal-clear black and white screen makes menu navigation and accessing contacts easy. It’s also analog interoperable, enabling you to make the transition to digital at your own pace, all at a value that stands up to the competition.

Available in UHF and VHF frequency bands, the XiR P6620 features a 2-line display and limited keypad for easy menu navigation with 256-channel capacity, four programmable buttons and IP55 specifications for water protection.

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solusi radio yang paling scalable digital dunia. The P6600 XiR menawarkan terbaik di kelas audio dalam solusi scalable untuk tuntutan kebutuhan komunikasi Anda. Audio Cerdas dan fitur suara pengumuman memungkinkan komunikasi mudah dalam lingkungan pekerjaan yang sulit. Juga, itu interoperable analog, yang memungkinkan Anda untuk membuat transisi ke digital pada kecepatan Anda sendiri, semua pada nilai yang berdiri untuk kompetisi.

Tersedia dalam UHF dan VHF band frekuensi, yang P6600 XiR adalah model non-display yang memiliki kapasitas 16-channel, dua tombol diprogram dan IP55 spesifikasi untuk perlindungan air.
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Enhanced Privacy (upgradable at additional cost)
Built-in scrambling for increased security

Transmit Interrupt (upgradable at additional cost)
Enables a user to interrupt another radio conversation to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it’s needed.

Industry-Leading Audio
Loud front-facing speaker and Intelligent Audio feature that automatically adjusts the radio volume according the environment’s noise level

Analog and Digital Interoperability
Operates in both analog and digital modes. Features such as the dynamic mixed mode repeater streamlines automatic switching between analog and digital calls – meaning you only need one repeater to operate both modes.

Rugged Design
Tightly sealed against wind and dust with a water protection rating of IP55

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Unsurpassed Audio Quality
• Motorola’s Companding™ technology enables, clearer and stronger audio quality, allowing messages to be heard even in a high noise environment.

• 19 hours talktime on low power and 14 hours talktime on high power for greater productivity.
• Crystal clear audio that enables you to communicate even in noisy environment.
• Battery Latch Lock Feature keeps the power source firmly fastened to the radio, allowing continuous communication.
• LED battery indicator provides status of battery life at a glance.

• Radio can be programmed quickly and easily through the user-friendly Microsoft Windows® based Customer Programming software
• Sticky Permanent monitor allows user to stay on monitor without consistently pressing the programmable button

Durable and Reliable
• Comply with MIL-STD 810 standards.
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Battery life (based on a 05/05/90 duty cycle) 10 hours (High Power), 13 hours (Low Power)-Wth Standard NiMH battery
Frequency range 146-174MHz 403-438MHz, 438-470MHz, 465-495MHz
Power output 1-4W (UHF), 1-5W (VHF)

Available option board No
Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery) 126.5mm x 61.5mm x 43mm (With Standard NiMH battery)
Display No display
Emergency button None
Keypad No
Weight (with standard battery) 421gms (With Standard NiMH battery)

Number of channels 16
Signalling DTMF

Mil spec 810 C, D, E

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Unsurpassed Audio Quality

* Equipped with Motorola's special voice processing technology, X-PAND™ and LLE, enables crisper, clearer and stronger audio quality, allowing you to keep communicating, even in noisy environment.

Smart Choices

* Motorola’s unique MDC signalling allows the transfer of data communications at the high-speed rate of 1200 bits per second.
* The Forward error correction technology enables radio to receive message, like call alert and send out the PTT-ID even though the voice signal is too weak to be heard.
* Expandable & easy to install in the field, by simply adding on option boards like voice storage board whenever your needs arise. The option board also allows up to 2 minutes of recording.
* The plug-in mandown option board feature will trigger an emergency procedure in situations where the radio is horizontal or still for longer than a pre-programmed time. It is critical for radio users who work alone or in isolated environments.
* The GP328 is certified by the US Factory Mutual standard intrinsically safe to operate in hazardous atmosphere.
* The built-in voice-activated feature (VOX) enables users to transmit their message in a hands-free environment, without pressing the push-to-talk button.

Easy To Use

* Switchable RF Power Levels: with one button, users can switch between high and low power with reference to their specific application to conserve battery life.
* Tri-colour LED Battery Gauge indicates battery status with early warning on low battery strength.
* Tone Tagging allows 8 different ringing tones to be assigned to 8 specific users/talkgroups making audio caller identification to these 8 groups possible.
* Lightweight Lithium Ion battery option makes the radio one of the lightest in its range.
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Battery life (based on a 05/05/90 duty cycle) 8 hours (High Power), 10 hours (Low Power) - With Standard Hi- Capacity NiMH battery
Frequency range 136 - 174 MHz /330 - 400 MHz (available in 16 channels only) / 403 - 470 MHz / 450 - 527 MHz
Power output 5W - 136 - 174 MHz, 4W - 403 - 470 MHz, 450 - 527 MHz

Available option board Yes
Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery) 137 mm x 57.5 mm x 37.5 mm ( With Standard NiMH battery)
Display No display
Emergency button Yes
Keypad None
Weight (with standard battery) 420gms (with standard NiMH battery)

Number of channels 16
Signalling Quick Call II, DTMF, limited MDC1200

Intrinsically safe Yes
Mil spec 810 C, 810 D, 810 E

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